imagesMy name is Colleen Patrice. My life’s work is committed to nurturing Love, optimal health, and authentic happiness within myself and others. For many years I worked as a hands-on Healing Arts practitioner, a Health & Wellness Consultant, an EMDR Therapy Advocate… and a dabbling author. A couple of years ago, I was given the opportunity to make a courageous leap into The Unknown. And I took it.  Now, I am a full-time author.

This is the place where you can learn more about me, my work, and the clear intentions behind everything I do.

Abundant Blessings to You and Yours,




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EMDRJ800Are you done suffering yet? I was!

I experienced a lifelong struggle with bouts of depression, mood swings, and an intense fear of loss. I also battled with anxiety, compulsive thinking, and an eating disorder. My self worth was low, and I had no boundaries whatsoever. After a devastating emotional blow, I found my way to EMDR therapy.

This journal is comprised of  the daily questions and tools I utilized to guide my healing process–which many people who know me refer to as miraculous! I hope my hours and years of self-reflection can help guide you to a deeper sense of who you are and how to live the life you deserve.  With the help of this journal and EMDR therapy,  I truly believe you will  experience your greatest potential in every aspect of your life. With effort and willingness, you can heal.

You can be happy. You can experience lasting peace and fulfillment. Go for it!

Your life is waiting for you…

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