EMDR JOURNAL: A Companion for Healing, Courage, and Clarity

EMDRJournalMy name is Colleen Patrice, and I am a trauma survivor. Until I was 38 years old, I did not realize or remember the extent of the lifetime of  trauma I had endured. With a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, I felt well-equipped with tools to manage, create, and navigate my life, but my history began to swallow me. Blinded by intense fear, I fell into a deep depression, and proceeded to lose the most meaningful love relationship of my life. The nearly unbearable grief of that experience (thankfully) led me to EMDR Therapy. EMDR opened the doors to my past, my self-understanding, and the courage to begin taking charge of my life.

I have always been an avid journaler, and a thorough “processor” of my thoughts and emotions. Writing was the one thing that kept me somewhat sane and able to keep moving forward in the face of fear, pain, grief and confusion during the most difficult periods of my life. As a result of my healing process, I felt compelled to create this journal for others who have chosen to take advantage of EMDR Therapy. My hope is that my experience can help light and guide the way for the self-understanding and empowerment of others, and let them know their process is supported, validated, and appreciated.

The EMDR Journal is a wonderful tool for licensed therapists and EMDR certified practitioners to offer to their clients, for deeper results during between-session processing. Although created specifically for EMDR, this journal can be used a a guide in any type of therapy. It is comprised of the daily questions and tools I utilized to guide my own healing process, which many people who know me refer to as miraculous! It can help you, too. I hope my hours and years of self-reflection can help guide you to a deeper sense of who you are and how to live the life you deserve. As you use this journal, I hold and surround you with great love, compassion, and empathy.

NOTE: The EMDR Journal is currently in the process of reformatting for sale on Amazon. Will be available again soon! Stay tuned.