Thoughts & Resources for Conscious Questioning of The Covid-Crisis

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The issues we are facing are SO far beyond political. I encourage you try to put your political stances aside. Please. We need each other. Desperately. Not tomorrow, but RIGHT NOW.

We are so much more Powerful together and United, than we are divided and arguing. Does the term Divide & Conquer ring any bells? Are we really going to succumb to basic psychology?1,2

May we all Rise Above, Accept each other’s unique viewpoints, preferences, & choices, and cultivate Compassion.

We are not each other’s enemies.

And I think we can all agree on this point: We the people ALL want a better world—a world that works for everyone.

NOTE: This is long, but please hear me out. This is a peek in into my internal process (much of it directly from my personal journal) and how I came to these conclusions. Cited references are listed after the Resources section.

First, and most importantly… I offer my thoughts, feelings, and research to you in Absolute Love. My intention is simply to share information and allow you to decide for yourself. I am showing up to serve and benefit Humanity, the Earth, and All Living Beings in the best way I know how.

I only ask that you try to step outside of what you’ve been told, suspend judgment, and be willing to think for yourself. I encourage you to pay attention, listen to your gut, and ask questions about things that don’t make sense to you. I urge you to take what resonates with YOU and discard the rest. Please do not take my word for anything… or anyone else’s. Please do your own research and find your own Truth.

Second, I have spent my lifetime dedicated to becoming an expert about how to keep my body, mind and Spirit healthy and well. I know my own body. I know how to keep my immune system healthy. I know when it’s out of balance. And I certainly know if I don’t feel well. I don’t go to doctors unless absolutely necessary, and I’ve been quite successful at treating nearly every cold, flu or imbalance I’ve ever had on my own with natural remedies or with the help of a holistic doctor or therapist. I’m 50 years old and I’ve never been in the hospital. And I become a little healthier every year.

I do not need ANYONE—not doctors, so called “health officials/organizations,” and certainly not the government—to tell me how to take care of myself or others. I am fully capable. And so are you. And I respect your right to do so, however you feel is right, comfortable, and/or necessary for you.  I only ask the same in return.

Third, aside from my dedication to learning about all matters of health & wellness, I’ve also spent my life in search of Truth. My Own Truth. And I can tell you from countless hours and years of research that I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the forces that be (the ones that TRULY call the shots3) do NOT have our health or well-being or happiness or economic interests at the center of their decisions. They don’t care about us. They don’t care about people dying. They care about money. They care about power. And they care about control. Period.

With that said, let’s look at some actual FACTS:

1. Nearly all pharmaceuticals, conventional food ingredients, and an infinite number of toxic chemicals in multitudes of products you use every day were never adequately tested for safety and thus were never proven “safe.”4 Neither were cell phones, smart meters, or those funky body scanning machines in the airport. Just to name a few of the abundant toxins we’re exposed to every day. (It’s amazing we are as healthy as we are)

2. Pharmaceutical companies—BY LAW—cannot be sued for vaccine harm (and there has been SO MUCH already). TWO laws exist that actually releases drug manufacturers from all liability for any & all side effects the vaccine may create… period.5,6,7,8

“Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.”Mahatma Gandhi

3. And yes, mandatory vaccination IS legal if deemed necessary to “protect its citizens.”9

However, the likely course of action would be to first attempt to get people to comply by making a vaccine mandatory in order to travel via public transportation,10 for example.

Also, it would be easy to mandate for people who work with the public in order to keep their jobs (health care, teachers, flight attendants, etc).

I’m not saying this is going to happen, but you need to know that it is DEFINITELY being discussed out in the open—it’s not a secret.

4. Masks have NOT been proven effective for everyday use in non-therapeutic, unsterile environments. Furthermore, mask-wearing statistics and studies are quickly revealing the potential for increased susceptibility to respiratory illness (including covid)—not less—as well as concerns regarding the long-term health issues and social implications.11,12,13

This is laughable—right on the mask package— it says:14

5. Lockdown statistics are showing that it’s not only an ineffective strategy for curbing covid, but it’s proving to be incredibly damaging to physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as financial well-being.15.16.17

Masks and lockdowns are unprecedented policies, that have never been used, tested, or studied… and long-term effects are completely unknown.

6. Even though cases are purportedly increasing, the death rate is currently decreasing.18,19,20 (and yes, the resources cited have taken the 2-week lag into account)

I hope right about now you are saying, “Hhhhhhmmmmm.”

So when people choose to echo the narrative that these policies are in place (and those that seem to be coming very soon) to ‘stop the spread’ for The Good of The Whole, which part of the population is considered The Whole? Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure “the whole” refers to the larger part of the population, which is perfectly well and currently suffering for the relatively few people are who dying (a small percentage in comparison). I’m not at all intending to be callus, I’m simply dissecting what we’re being told. Because covid policies are not only proving to cause more harm than good for the majority of people, but they could also be quite dangerous if left unquestioned.

Here’s a consideration:

Did you know that as of this moment there have been 4,418,485 worldwide deaths caused by smoking this year (as opposed to 1,353,755 deaths from Covid)?21

Smoking is a voluntary death sentence… and smokers DO directly (and knowingly) cause suffering, illness and death for others… so why aren’t we mandating the cessation of smoking and sale of cigarettes if this is the line of thinking? This actually WOULD be for The Good of The Whole and save A LOT of lives.

And btw, sound alternatives to current policies have already been laid out, which ARE supportive of The Good of The Whole—which allows healthy people to be free and able to go to school, work, prosper, and enjoy their lives—while also protecting the vulnerable. So why are policymakers ignoring sound expert medical advice that offers a long-term plan for success?

As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call ‘Focused Protection‘.

~The Great Barrington Declaration,22 October 4, 2020

And along those same lines, why are successful natural CURES and alternatives being suppressed?23,24,25 (Rest assured, even if you do get IT in some bad way, there ARE cures and treatments that work. Regardless of what we’ve been told.)

Those are some really big questions.

Suffice it to say that until I see PROOF,  beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these proposed products or mandated methods can actually support better health or create absolute immunity, with the benefits exponentially outweighing the risks (including death, which is what we are trying to avoid in the first place)— better than our own bodies are designed to do with proper care—I will refuse the popular narrative. And as long my choices are not harming another in any way—I have the right to be free to live and breathe and take care of my own body as I know best. And vice-versa.

It’s important to realize that with all of the current chaos and confusion, the world at large is in the midst of planetary trauma. And human beings act in crazy ways when abused and traumatized and terrified. And that’s where we are. Most everyone is operating out of fear because it’s been hammered into us. For eons.

In order to start figuring out how to work through this mess, I think it’s vital to contemplate how we got here.

So for what it’s worth, here’s what I see as some our biggest Core Issues:

(These are MY perspectives, simply offered to spark your own thought process)

  1. Lack of Spiritual Connection.

In the broadest sense, I simply mean living a life focused on Love, Kindness, Compassion, Acceptance, Generosity, Gratitude, Joy, Creativity, Fun, Fulfillment, Intuition, Wisdom, Purpose, etc.

And connecting with whatever helps one live from, feel and experience those inherent qualities on a daily basis.

It seems apparent to me, that as a species, we have lost connection to Our True Source (God, Spirit, All That Is, The Universe, Creative Energy, Nature, Your Own Heartbeat… whatever you choose to call It) and of course, as a result, the Natural World.

 The consequence: People are living in fear.

2. FEAR: of survival, illness, dying, suffering, CHANGE, each other, the future, the unknown, being wrong, rejection, etc. The list of fears is infinite. (and always at The Core of any issue when you break it all the way down)

Fear is the root of all stress and worry, hatred and judgment, selfishness and greed… which all bring out the worst in human nature.

3. Judgment and division. Unwillingness to hear other points of view. Shaming.

4. Deception, lies, manipulation, coercion, suppression, competition, materialism, hatred and fighting amongst each other… facilitated by all forms of mainstream media, which creates and propagates the nonsensical, manipulative, popular narrative. We’ve been sold a bill of goods. For decades.

5. Complacency.  

Much of America has become too comfortable with the status quo, falling right into the trap.

People don’t want to know anything that might upset their apple cart (even if knowing means the opportunity to create something far superior).

6. The usurping of our basic human rights.

Our freedom is greatly at risk right now (of speech, to BREATHE, WORK, access to unbiased information, to take care of our own health & bodies, protect ourselves and children, to travel, to be with our loved ones, privacy, ETC.)

And because of the point above (#4), we have been brainwashed to believe we should give up our rights for other people… one at a time… preying on our inherently caring, loving, compassionate natures by saying if we don’t comply, people will die (more on the reality of this point below). OMG!

My question to you is: But to WHOM are we REALLY giving up our rights? And Who stands the most to gain in this scenario? Just think about it. Follow the money.

7. Isolation: lack of community, gathering, affection, in-person communication, etc. which are VITAL to our health and well-being on every level: emotional, mental, Spiritual, and PHYSICAL. Thus, lowering our defenses, resources, energy, and ability or desire to question what’s happening.

We are social animals. We need people, community, affection, and hugs to THRIVE. In person and face to face.

As a result of all the above, most people are SO tired and lonely and worn down and broke that they are willing to do anything to get back to “normal.”

What do YOU see as The Core Issues right now?

There is no doubt about it, this virus (or whatever it is) is nasty for compromised people who actually get it. We all know it effects the most vulnerable. And yes, people are dying. NEEDLESSLY. And I’m pissed off about it.

However, it’s also important to realize that the true numbers of cases and fatalities are proving hard to find and evidence is showing both blatant inaccuracies with Covid tests, as well as skewed fatality rates.26,27,28 In any case, we all know by now that most people who “test positive” are fine.  I’ve personally known several “positive cases,” including my 87-year-old mom who has dementia and lives in a nursing home. Strangely, being of THE most vulnerable population, she never even had any symptoms (and I because of what I had been told, I was fully preparing for her passing).

Again, what is going on here? Why so many inconsistencies?

That’s where your own research comes into play. I cannot answer that question for you.

 But I will share this with you:

After I wrote my book, I thought I’d done my part in this realm of exposing unsavory agendas. When dark ideas were brought to my attention at the beginning of covid, I repeatedly looked away. I’d say, “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that were true, but I need to Live in my happy place… in the realm of dolphins and rainbows and unicorns! I cannot be of service to the world delving into dark matters. I will be best able to serve humanity by holding The Light.”

But The Universe persisted, (sigh) so I began to reluctantly listen. I started paying more attention when I decided to move and travel freely around the world in this “new normal” and things really started to feel “off” to me. I began to ask myself some questions.

At first, even with everything I already knew, I was in denial. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more shocked. I was uncovering information that was far beyond even my realm of previous research and level of acceptance. How could this be? How could people like this really exist? Can this really be true? The world as I knew it began to unravel. I began questioning my own sanity and used the grounding practice of asking myself What Do I Know for Sure? to restore my balance.

I, like many, believed the political narrative (which somehow seeped into my consciousness EVEN THOUGH I haven’t watched the news or read the newspapers for years, don’t engage in social media, and have avoided politics like the plague) … only to find that nothing was as it seemed, presented or appeared to be.

I have been down this covid-rabbit hole for the last couple of months now and riding a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve felt anxious, incredulous, judgmental, angry, sad, disillusioned, disheartened, scared, hopeless, etc… having to work diligently to ground myself in My Spiritual Truth several times a day to keep my wits.

So, if you choose to learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes for yourself, just know that feeling a range of emotions is a normal and expected human response. And anger is especially useful—it can provide the necessary fire to win this war. (I’m not at all advocating violence with the use of that word—anything but— In Truth, I view this as a Spiritual Revolution)

With that said, This is What I Know for sure:

(Again, this is MY Truth, only offered to inspire your own)

1. God gave us free will. It is our birthright. Taking that away is playing God.

2. Everyone deserves ample opportunity to have their needs met and live in abundance.

3. Love and Compassion are the ONLY answers. Beginning with ourselves. And extending to ALL people, including most especially those who may be viewed as “evil.”

I know this is a tall order, but we only have to be willing to be willing.

And I KNOW it’s possible, because I’ve personally experienced this healing in my own life with perpetrators of abuse.

4. Many people DO need to exercise more consideration and respect for others.

(e.g., If you’re sick, don’t go out in public—I’ve ALWAYS felt this way—seems like common sense to me. By all means, please wash your hands and don’t get on a plane or go to a movie theater or take your coughing child into the grocery store.)

5. I am taking a stand for ALL humanity, whether one chooses to see it that way or not.

6. Self-love, gentleness and patience is needed to withstand this time on Earth.

7. Each one of us present on Earth today CHOSE to be here at this time and we ALL have a part to play.

What is my part? What did I come here to do? How can I help make the world a better place?

8. Time is of the essence. On EVERY level of existence, we are in the 11.9999th hour.

AND… we are also on the precipice of Co-creating something truly Magnificent if we seize this opportunity!

9. EVERYONE wants to be free to Love and be Loved and ENJOY life.

(We were NOT created to be “slaves” to The 1%)

10. This information can make sensitive/empathic/Spiritual/humanity/service-oriented individuals question one’s own sanity and/or ability to trust one’s self to know what’s actually truth vs. fiction.

11. This is a time to let go of:

  • Fear of death.
  • Needing love and approval from others.

12. This time in history is ultimately about stepping into Our Power as Spiritual Beings—releasing ALL fear, doubt, worries, and concerns while learning to TRUST and Love and Nurture our own selves, each other, and Our Source… remembering that we are powerful beyond measure and already fully equipped with everything we need to create the joyful, prosperous lives we really want.

Spiritual Truth, Awareness, Alignment, and Illumination of Truth is Infinitely Bigger and More Powerful than any motivations formulated out of the lower vibrations of fear, greed, and control.

13. It’s time to “Pray to Allah” AND also “Tie up my camel.”

What do YOU Know for sure?

As I see it, we are at both a dangerous AND an exciting time in history… pregnant with the possibility of creating either more GLOBAL oppression and suffering… OR a Beautiful World that works for ALL of humanity and Mother Earth. But it’s up to US. And this can only happen if are willing to open our minds, put our differences aside, and cooperate with one another to reach our common goal. We have the potential to co-create unprecedented, exponential positive change if we each do our best to ride this wave, uplift the consciousness of humanity, and be a part of the solution.

If you choose to continue on your own personal truth-seeking adventure by delving into the resources below, please remember to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. And if you find yourself feeling defensive or judgmental, or hanging onto your opinions and perspectives for dear life without a willingness to budge… please ask yourself why. Most importantly, what are you afraid of? Facing our fears is the first step out of this mess.

And please realize that everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge and awareness they currently have.

In closing, I offer you some self-supportive suggestions to consider as you move forward:
  • Please drastically limit exposure to the news, social media, and all mainstream media. They are feeding you B.S. for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Please take in small bits of new information at a time. Step away when you feel overwhelmed. Pay attention to when too much is too much.
  • Talk to people who are willing to have actual conversations with you.
Some of this is deeply disturbing, so please balance your research with LOADS of self-care:
  • Please make sure to focus on things happy, fun and playful every single day. Find peace in the “mundane.”
  • And by all means, get out in nature!! Nature is our best friend & healer right now. Sunshine. Exercise. Trees. Oxygen. Ocean. Animals. Pets. Bare feet on the Earth. Find your happy place!

In these days ahead, may you allow yourself to smile and laugh, express love and be joyful, for no matter how dire things may seem, the world needs your positive energy right now!

And may we honor all of the lives we’ve lost by allowing this experience to carry us all to new heights of consciousness… so that we may ultimately enjoy a happier, healthier, more peaceful world.

In Love & Light,



*Disclaimer: I do not necessarily subscribe to all beliefs or opinions presented in these resources. As encouraged, I take what resonates with me—what feels true and right—and discard the rest.

As you’ve hopefully heard by now, the media has been censoring loads of information (if this stuff isn’t true, then why are they censoring it?), so I’ve found several independent platforms with uncensored news listed below. I’ve highlighted certain pieces that were helpful for me, but there is an infinite amount of information, so what’s calling YOUR attention? Follow your own gut and see where it leads.

I thank and honor ALL of these freedom-fighters for their extraordinary COURAGE, strength, willingness, resourcefulness, and swift action to help shine the light of truth.

Uncensored Media Sources & Independent Journalists

“The general public is celebrating villains and hissing at heroes.” ~ Tom Woods

Bitchute (an uncensored video platform– the new You Tube)

America’s Frontline Doctors

The Defender: Children’s Health Defense

The Highwire

Jeremy Hammond

Digital Freedom Platform

Health Freedom Global

Reclaim Your Lives: U.S. Feminine Voices

Doctors and Health Officials on Real Solutions

The Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration: How “Focused Protection” Can Prevent Lockdowns & Get The World Back to Work

Alternative Treatments & Cures for Covid

Cures for Covid-19, Confirmed by Medical Experts

Mega-Dose Vit C for Covid-19 (make sure to read the amendment on to original post on April 4, 2020)

EMVS Critical Care Management Covid-19 Protocol

Marik Covid-19 Protocol Summary (based on protocol above)

Study Shows Vit D Significantly Reduced ICU Admissions/Severity of Covid

COVID Care Protocol

“The EVMS Medical Group is providing guidance for healthcare providers treating COVID-19 patients. This document is designed to inform physicians on a protocol found to be highly effective in damping down the hyper-inflammatory cytokine “storm” that is the cause of mortality and morbidity in COVID-19. This guidance should only be used by medical professionals in formulating their approach to COVID-19. Patients should always consult with their physician before starting any medical treatment.”

Vaccine Information

Intro to Vaccine Safety

Five Horrifying Facts About the Vaccine Approval Process

Health Freedom Global

Operation Warp Speed

Science vs. The Vaccine Religion

Dirty Vaccines: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants

Pfizer Vaccine 90% Effective Claim Unsubstantiated by Peer-Reviewed Journals and World Health Organization

Up to Date REAL News on Covid Vaccine

Vaccine Mandates Through The ‘Common Pass’ (convincing the public through coercion + the acceptance of a vaccine mandate as a ‘good’ thing)

Dr. Christiane Northrup About Covid Vaccine and What to Do

Qantas CEO says airline will require passengers traveling internationally to get Covid-19 vaccine

Covid Cases, Deaths, Testing, and Immunity

Testing and Transmission Inaccuracies

What You Need to Know About Fatality Rates

Testing Fraud

The Covid Cult

Facebook “Fact Check” Lies About PCR Tests and Covid Cases

Getting Covid May Protect You For Years

The Emerging Truth About Masks and Lockdowns

America’s Frontline Doctors on Mask Myths

OSHA Experts on Masks (Must see video)

Data Shows Prolonged Face Mask Use Increases Risk of Catching Respiratory Illness

New Denmark Study Casts Doubt Mask Efficacy

‘Truth’ with RFK: Mask Wearing

The Covid Cult

Masking Lack of Evidence with Politics

The Left-Wing Case Against Lockdowns

Death By Lockdown

Former White House Official on Deadly Cost of Lockdown

Wrong About Lockdown

The Unherd

On the True Nature of Viruses, Life on Earth, and Human Consciousness

Dr Zach Bush (a library of videos– he’s amazing!)

Censorship of the Media

Cyber War Declared in U.S. and U.K.

How Censorship is Redefining ‘Informed Consent’ as Misinformation

Former CNN Anchor Speaks Out on Media Censorship

Corruption of The Scientific Process

Americas Frontline Doctors Discuss

Animal, Vegetable, Criminal: How Corporate Greed is Buying Our Government and Stealing Your Health (I wrote this book– highly researched and explains a ton about this topic)

Association vs. Causation

Tips for Analyzing Studies, Medical Evidence, and Health Care Claims

Who is “They”? Who is REALLY Calling The Shots?

THRIVE I: What on Earth Will it Take? (the BEST most concise source I know– great movie)

Oneness vs. The 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom

The Psychology of Manipulation

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

The Social Animal (I’d look for a used copy– expensive– but worth it–was one of my psychology textbooks in college– really fascinating)

Spiritual Food for Staying Sane & Inspiring Hope

THRIVE II: This is What it Takes

Lee Harris Energy Intuitive

Lightworker Links

Golden Age of Gaia

Interview with Foster Gamble

Oneness vs. The 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom

Proceed with Caution…
This is THE RABBIT HOLE: With Everything You Know Now, Are These “Conspiracy Theories”? You Decide.

If more people had critically questioned and challenged Hitler’s directives, motivations, and propaganda, then maybe The Holocaust wouldn’t have happened (or slavery or the slaughter of Native Americans, or the countless other horrendous crimes against humanity).

It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

SO… If some alternate agenda IS even remotely a reality…  is it wise to just wait and see? Wouldn’t it be better to learn about what the other side has to say… just in case… so that we might recognize any potential red flags and have time to take action before it’s too late?

Stop World Control

Shocking Truth About Covid Vaccine

Proof that The Pandemic was Planned with a Purpose

In Depth Report

Unmasking the Lies Around Covid-19: Facts vs. Fiction

Plandemic Movie (Documentary: great overview but leaves some questions, in my opinion)

Globalist Technocrats Poised to Press the Great Re-Set Button

The Great Re-Set (This is a bit religiously and politically in-your-face for me, but if you can watch with an investigative mind, he brings up some very curious points and information)

Rosa Koire: UN Agenda 2030 Exposed

Agenda 21/2030

Peter R Breggin, M.D.

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for both the recommended Amazon products on this page and the Thrive Movement. Please know… I don’t recommend products because I’m an affiliate. I’m an affiliate because I figure if I’ve done the research and want to bring attention to products or tools that I LOVE, find helpful, or feel are head and shoulders above the rest… why not also hopefully make a few bucks in the process? : ) Thank you SO much for your support!

p.s. I will be looking for other alternatives to Amazon/Amazon on demand publishing, as it IS part of “The1%.”

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