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I’ve had the great fortune to visit John of God (medium and psychic surgeon) in Brazil two times so far, and I intend to return each coming year, for as long this extraordinary healer lives.

The Love that fuels this humble man—and permeates The Casa de Dom Inácio—brought me to tears of indescribable awe & deep gratitude, while restoring a Faith I didn’t even know I had lost.

I am forever transformed.

The Entities of Light instructed John of God to create Crystal Light Healing Beds as a way to get his work out into the world… a vehicle to touch people across the globe that he may never see in person.

I am pleased and honored that I was granted permission by The Entities of Light, and John of God, to share one of these Crystal Beds in my home town.

About the Crystal Bed


A Crystal Light Healing Bed is a spiritual treatment device that uses alternating colored light beams that radiate through seven very pure quartz crystals. Developed by John of God (as instructed by The Entities of Light), these Crystal Light Healing Beds use Brazilian clear Vogel cut quartz crystals. Each of the seven crystals is focused at the corresponding chakra (also known as “energy center”) to generate color and light therapy in order to cleanse, clear, balance, and raise the vibration of your chakras.

The John of God “Spirit Doctors/The Entities of Light” have promised to help all who lay under these Crystal Lights.


There are many different types of Crystal Beds out in the world right now and all of them offer the magnificent healing power of crystals and light therapy (chromo-color therapy).

What makes the Crystal Beds from John of God unique is:

  • The loving focus and prayer utilized during the creation of each Crystal Bed.
  • Using the prayer triangle to anchor and focus each Crystal Bed Session.
  • The Entities of Lights’ promise to help those who lay under these Crystal Lights.

Crystal Bed Sessions

As is customary in Brazil, we begin your crystal bed session by using the Prayer Triangle to help set intentions/ focus your session on what you feel called to improve, manifest, release, and heal for yourself, your family, friends, or anyone else who’s on your mind.

After your prayers are completed, you’ll lay under the Crystal Lights for approximately 45 minutes, while listening to soothing music. Many people go to sleep or slip into a deeply meditative state.
While you are immersed in your session, I will be sitting just outside the room, holding the space in prayer.

After your session, you will enjoy a glass of Blessed Water from The Casa (which I also leave in the room during your session and ask that it be Blessed once more, specifically for you) and take a few minutes to make sure you are awake, grounded, and ready to go.

When you leave your session, I highly recommend that you take some quiet time for yourself in nature… a barefoot walk on the beach would be optimal.

NOTEClients most often come for a Crystal Bed Healing with a specific issue at hand and, in my experience, need extra time to share & process what’s on their mind. I highly suggest booking a combined session which provides ample time to support a much deeper & more profound  healing experience.

Clients Report:

  • Improved Health
  • Pain Relief
  • Well-Being
  • Feeling Connected
  • Peaceful/Relaxed
  • Heightened Awareness
  • Stress Relief
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Deeper Awareness of Connection to The Invisible/Spirit Realm

The Prayer Triangle

At the Casa de Dom Inácio, John of God’s healing sanctuary in Brazil, the triangle is used as a prayer portal or communication vortex to the Benevolent Spirits of Light and Love. People come from all over the world carrying prayer petitions for themselves, as well as photographs of their loved ones, to be placed in the triangle to receive Healing, Guidance, and Blessings from the Entities of Light.

When you come for a crystal bed session, you will also have the opportunity to experience a portal to The Entities of Light through the sacred prayer triangle in my healing room.

It has been activated (turned on!) and Blessed by The Entities of John of God and serves as a direct link to the hundreds, if not thousands, of Divine Spirit Helpers who are listening to and responding to your requests.

One of the prayer triangles at The Casa de Dom Inácio

Crystal Bed Sessions $75

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The Power of Crystals

Scientists and Engineers have discovered that crystals have some of the highest molecular orderliness found in nature. Full spectrum light passing through the crystal resonates with the structured patterns of the crystal, restructuring and organizing the light emitted from the crystal. This highly-structured light then interacts with the water in the cells of your body, helping to create an orderliness among these vital water molecules.

When water forms in well organized, geometrically shaped molecular patterns, it has increased surface tension and bonding properties. This is the pure state of water found in healthy cell tissue, while non-geometric and disorganized water molecules are found in unhealthy cells and cancer cells.

Thus, one explanation for the health-giving effects of crystal therapy is that the well-organized light resonating from the crystals helps to organize the water in our tissues and cells. Marcel Vogel was the cutting-edge engineer from IBM who spent his lifetime investigating quartz crystals. He designed high tech devices to measure crystal vibration output and their effects on physical processes.

The experiments of Vogel and his associates proved the following:

  • A precisely cut quartz crystal produces a constant vibration of the same frequency as water in its purest state.
  • Moving water will pick up the vibration from the crystal through resonant interaction and this transferred charge will restructure the water.
  • A cut crystal can be charged with intent to structure water.
  • Because we are made up of 70% water this carries strong implication for how our health can be affected.

For more information on water and water crystals, please visit Dr. Masaru Emoto’s website or check out his book The Hidden Messages in Water.

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Journey to Brazil:
John of God’s healing center in Brazil—The Casa de Dom Inácio—is the most prolific healing center in the world. If you are called to experience this transformational journey… to remember your Divine Nature and connect with a powerful team of Spirit Light workers… please contact Deb Court @

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Wayne Dyer underwent his remote surgery for leukemia by The Entities of Light at the age of 71. He later passed, in 2015, at the age of 75. Serena Dyer Pisoni (Wayne Dyer’s daughter) posted on Facebook:

“I would like to clarify something, so please spread this message. My dad died of a heart related issue. The result of the autopsy showed that there was NO leukemia in his body or his blood. He believed he had healed himself of this disease and he was right, the doctor confirmed to us he did not have it.”