Healing Packages

Combined Sessions

Spiritual Counseling (60 min) + Crystal Bed Healing, $150. Approximately a 2-hour session.

Clients most often come for a Crystal Bed Healing with a specific issue at hand and, in my experience, really need time to share what's on their mind. This combined session provides ample opportunity to gain clarity and set heartfelt intentions before settling in for their Crystal Bed session, resulting in a much deeper & more profound  healing experience.

Akashic Reading (60 min) + Spiritual Counseling (60 min), $170. 

The Guidance & Counseling session is geared towards implementing the information provided to you in The Records.

Sometimes clients are unsure of exactly how to proceed or work with the information that comes in The Records. The tools and skills of Spiritual Psychology are amazingly supportive when it comes to putting the information and guidance that comes in an Akashic Reading into action.

This is a two-session series occurring over two consecutive weeks. The Akashic Records reading comes first, followed by  a Guidance & Counseling session.

Akashic Reading (60 min) + Crystal Bed Healing, $165. Approximately a 2-hour session. If you live in or are visiting North County San Diego and can see me in person, this is truly The Best of Both Worlds! A Crystal Bed Session is the perfect anchor for simply RESTING into and integrating the deep healing and  transformation that occurs during an Akashic Reading. 

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