Mega-dose Vit C for COVID-19

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“There is some exciting and promising news coming out of China regarding a very viable treatment to help lessen the severity (and likely save many lives) of the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Understanding that one of the most serious effects of the COVID virus is the “cytokine storm” it creates in the body, researchers have been looking for ways to counter this life-threatening symptom. This cascade of inflammatory cytokines is what leads to the viral pneumonia that compromises the airway and necessitates ventilation.  Back in February Chinese research teams began to test intravenous Vitamin C for this purpose.” ~ Brett Hall, R.D.

My Beloved, Brett Hall, R.D. has done some solid research and concluded that Vitamin C is a viable treatment for COVID-19. In his post, Brett provides his research references, along with the best forms of Vit C to use, as well as the dosage recommendations for all stages of health– from those who are currently showing no symptoms to those suffering with severe symptoms (and hospitalized). He also offers to lend a hand if a loved one is the hospital and in need of an advocate. Please make sure to read the entire post; Brett’s recommendations for currently healthy people are fine tuned toward the end of the post. Click here to LEARN MORE

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