A Brilliant, Beautiful Mind & Spirit: Nassim Haramein

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Every person I’ve seen recently, immediately stares at the crystal I’m wearing around my neck and says, “WHAT is THAT??!!”

So, here is an introduction to Nassim Haramein. Nassim is a truly extraordinary Quantum Physicist, who’s not only unifying longstanding theories and equations (think Einstein), but is also on a mission to supply the world with free energy. Which of course, will transform the world.

One crazy cool thing: he is self taught. He never went to college!

You can find many videos about him, but since I see him as The Bridge between Science and Spirituality, this is the video I chose to share. Nassim puts everything I’ve always known on an intuitive level into researched, feet-on-the-ground physics. Pretty darn awesome.

Many people THINK they won’t or don’t understand what he’s saying. I invite you to simply sit back, listen, and be a sponge. Rest assured, there is a very deep place inside of you that completely understands what he’s saying. You can intend to listen with your heart–instead of filtering the information through your brain (which questions everything)– and simply take in what resonates with you.

Nassim is truly a joy to witness. He’s got the heart of a child; he’s real, authentic, excited, and incredibly humble.

If you enjoy this video, you might be interested in his FREE course. (He was charging for it until Covid). It’s mind-blowing! (YAY) Here’s the link to register:

Resonance Academy Unified Science Course

Also, to learn more about the crystal around my neck, click on the link below. They are a bit pricey, but they are integral to supporting his vital work… and make for a very, very special gift (as mine was from My Beloved!).

ARK Crystals

And here is a video, too!

Hope you ENJOY!!!

Much LOVE & Abundant Blessings,


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