The Song of the Humpback Whales, Tonga 2018

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Tonga, August 2018.

This gift has been a long time coming, but here it is! I am prompted to finally post, because we are currently on another Humpback Whale adventure– this time in Tahiti. GoPros are packed and I hope to gather some great footage to share! The water here is crystal clear…

This video (which is really just for listening) was shot by Brett, with only four of us hovering just above this Magnificent Being. If you look super closely on the video you can see the white of the whale’s tail– he’s hanging vertically, head down towards the depths.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why the males sing– perhaps to find a mate. I’m sure this is true on a purely physical level, but on a Spiritual Level, my sense if that they are also singing for the healing & evolution of the planet… by helping to awaken and stir humanity’s consciousness. One certainly cannot walk away from this experience with anything but LOVE & AWE in her heart and an ever-expanding reverence for the sheer beauty & pure MAGIC of this planet!

Hovering above the singing, you can FEEL the vibration resonating, rattling, & electrifying your whole body– most especially in the HEART. Talk about sound healing!

I encourage you to plug in some headphones, lay down, and simply allow The High Frequencies of the Whales to work on you. A beautiful 9+-minute meditation!

With Infinite LOVE & Gratitude,


Beyond Beautiful & Blessed… WHAT a planet we inhabit!

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